Baseball stuns Louisa to keep season alive

Last night, the Streaks took the field as the two seed in the conference 23 tournament and hosted the three seed Louisa County. Louisa entered the game with the record of 12-8. While the Streaks were coming off of a win over in conference foe Handley and entered with a record of 14-6.

Louisa County never trailed until the final play of the game. The Streaks entered the bottom of the seventh inning down by two runs. Senior second baseman Scott Wise got on base with a single to open up the inning. Senior first baseman Ryan Kiser then hit it straight to the shortstop who turned the 6-4-3 double play. The Streaks now were down to their final out and their season was over if Louisa got that final out.

The Streaks rallied back from behind and got the bases loaded with two outs. The unbelieveable was done with two very close infield plays involving sophomore Christian Whitelow. The play at first base which dragged the first baseman was the more questionable call in which many fans thought that the umps would side with Louisa. However, the play at second base Christian just beat the throw by maybe a fraction of a second, but not much more than that.

The Streaks will face the number one seed Amherst County in Amherst at 6pm on Thursday May 28th. No matter win or lose for either team they will move onto regionals.


College Athletes shouldn’t be paid

The face of college athletics and the future of college athletics will change within the next couple of years as the debate of whether college athletes should be paid for playing. College make a whole lot of money off of sports and by being on various networks like ESPN, ABC, CBS, Fox, and even their own conference networks.

College athletes for years have not brought this issue up until recently when a NCAA Football game came out and some athletes saw how saw how similar the players look to the real person which is the point of the game. This was an issue as they use a lot of their personal information like where they’re from, number, school, and how good they are on the field. This later ended the production of all NCAA games on video games.

Currently, Northwestern is the only school that pays college athletes, but only football players. There are 65 colleges that give athletes already free schooling and money to pay for food, clothing, and give them a insurance plan with the school. This problem is only faced at the division one level in the schools like Alabama, Virginia Tech, Texas, and Oregon. If schools were only to pay football players than the issue of paying other sports that make up the largest part of the income for the school, which for most colleges that would be basketball.

These kids that we are thinking of paying are between the ages of 18-22 and some of them will end up going pro after graduation or end up leaving before graduation to make more money at the next level. Today, they’re really trying to use the term of amateur sports since there’s no in between college and the big leagues for football. Here’s a statistic for you, one out of every twenty five athletes will turn pro.

At this age trying to focus on school and athletics can be tough we all of your fans want to see you play in the championship game or on the big television networks. These athletes put their time in on the field, but do they really try to put the same time into their classes? An average college athlete puts in 43 hours a week to their sport. This is three hours more than the average American work week.

College athletes may not make money because it is NCAA rule that no college athlete may make money under the table from any outside sources. However, the NCAA currently produces about 11 billion dollars which is more than what some professional sport organizations make. In fact, it isn’t the NCAA making money, it is also the schools that are or have been successful and have the strong athletes that are making bank like the University of Alabama. The Crimson Tide had an estimated $143.3 million dollars in revenue which is more than almost the entire NHL and NBA. Coaches are some of the most wealthy in fact in 40 of the 50 states a coach is the highest paid official.

EA Sports production has upset many fans as they stopped production of the classic game that first was introduced in 1993 and ended in 2013. This is a whole different story at the next level however. In the NFL as a player they let the fans vote to be on the cover of the next Madden game which is an exciting time for last year’s champion or last year’s stand out athlete.

Colleges someday will end up paying the athletes since they’re a primary reason for the income of the school’s athletic program. This may force the smaller school to suffer or to follow in the footsteps of the bigger schools. Smaller schools don’t get the credit that they deserve and this will force some schools to potentially give up some sports. At the end of last season the University of Alabama-Birmingham announced that their football program would be shut down since it was too expensive to run with not a nearly as big of a fanbase as other in state schools, such as Alabama and Auburn.

Teams that will bust your NCAA bracket

March Madness is here if you didn’t already know and after watching one day of the first four games there is one team that is now really showing that they are playing some great basketball right now. This is the time of year where you as a team either make it or break it. Win and stay in for another game.

The University of Mississippi proved to me by beating Brigham Young University in Dayton, Ohio that they belong in the tournament. The Rebels showed up in the second half by scoring 60 points and coming back from a 17 point deficit. BYU struggled late and had too many turnovers late which kept them from winning and facing the six seed Xavier. Mississippi could move onto the round of 32 and could make a run even as an 11 seed.

This is the first time in school history that Buffalo has been in the NCAA Tournament and led by head coach Bobby Hurley and a very talented team. This team was leading Kentucky at halftime on the road in which Kentucky ended up pulling out a win. Buffalo is a team not to underestimate because West Virginia has some injuries and struggled in big games all season on the road.

All four one seeds will not make the final four there are just too many tough teams in some divisions and that will wear down some of these teams later on in the tournament. Kentucky is the biggest team in the tournament as well as the favorite, but this team is one that will be the hardest team to beat. Wisconsin is a tough team to beat as well with Frank ‘the tank’ Kaminsky.

Ryan Kiser Verbally Commits to West Virginia Wesleyan

In the offseason a lot has happened for senior, first baseman Ryan Kiser has decided to compete at the next level for baseball. After receiving scholarship offers from West Virginia Tech and West Virginia Wesleyan as well as a walk on offer from Bridgewater College. Ryan has verbally committed to West Virginia Wesleyan.
West Virginia Wesleyan is small NCAA division two private college located in Buckhannon, West Virginia. “It’s a rural school, secluded, division two and has the academic program that I was interested in,” Kiser said.
Playing first base with the Bobcats next season after he finishes his final season with the Blue Streaks. Ryan has spent most of the offseason playing baseball in tournaments and attending camps for recruitment. Over the summer he also plays baseball in the Rockingham County Baseball League which is a summer league locally. “This season I want to hit a lot better that’s probably the most important thing for this season,” Kiser said.
After going away to West Virginia Wesleyan next season Ryan hopes to major in athletic training and then go to a school for physical therapy.

NCAA Tournament

This years field of 68 has been selected and the play will start on Tuesday evening with the first four in Dayton, Ohio on Tuesday evening with Hampton playing Manhattan with the winner facing the tournament favorite Kentucky. Following that game is the biggest of the first games in Dayton with Ole Miss playing Brigham Young. Wednesday night Robert Morris plays North Florida in Dayton and this is the first appearance ever by North Florida. The Dayton Flyers have a home game in their own arena against the Boise State Broncos with the winner facing Providence.

There are only a few teams that are sitting out that really should be in the tournament and those are Miami(FL) and Temple who both have better records than UCLA and Ole Miss. The number one overall seed is Kentucky that is 34-0 and just won the Southeastern conference with no problem. Kentucky however, won’t face any tough teams that could really have a chance to beat them until the Sweet Sixteen if they make it that far because it is March Madness and you never know what will happen this time of year.

The team that will have the toughest time going far is Virginia because they will have to face a tough Michigan State team and the Cavaliers remember last season ended with a loss to the Spartans in Madison Square Garden. A team in that same region is Providence as they lost to Villanova in the Big East Semifinals by two points.

Watch out for the 12 seed as in past years they have been the biggest upset when they knockoff the number five seed. A underdog cinderella story can happen and I can see one happening  because everyone pulls for the underdog. Buffalo is a great team this year coming from a mid major conference known as the Mid-American Conference(MAC) this team is coached by former Duke point guard Bobby Hurley.

There are 350 teams in college basketball and right now there are about 5 teams that aren’t too happy with finding out that they missed the big dance. Teams like Miami(FL) deserved it by upsetting the number one seed Duke Blue Devils on the road along with a win over the number eight seed North Carolina State, but bad losses keep the Hurricanes out of the big dance and keep them in the NIT(National Invitation Tournament).

Who will win this year’s tournament? We may not be surprised, but get ready to watch basketball as this one will be one you don’t want to miss.

Super Bowl set to be a classic

This year’s Super Bowl is ready to go with two teams the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots. This makes it a battle between the best passing offense against the best rushing offense.

Tom Brady led his team to a big home win in Gillette Stadium over the Indianapolis Colts. This makes it his 6th Super Bowl and he has now won 20 postseason games which is more than some NFL Franchises. The Patriots in all phases of the game shut down the Colts giving up only 209 yards total.

Russell Wilson last week wasn’t very impressive and showed that a defense can stop his passing game. The Seahawks had a lucky 4th quarter at home and had too many forced errors.  The Seahawks were really lucky to come away from a home overtime victory as they only gave up six second half points and really shut the injured Aaron Rodgers in the second half.

This game everyone hopes won’t be just a repeat of the Super Bowl from last season. Seattle ran away with last years Super Bowl victory, but looks to win Seattle’s second in a row and in the history of their franchise. New England however, looks to win their first Super Bowl since 2005. The last time there was a repeat champions was 2004-2005 by the Patriots.

My Prediction: Seattle wins a close one. 31-28.

NFL Playoffs filled with excitement

The NFL Playoffs have reached the final games before the Super Bowl. In the AFC we have the Indianapolis Colts traveling to New England to face the Patriots. In the NFC the Green Bay Packers travel to face the 12th man and the Seattle Seahawks. This years Super Bowl is in the desert of Glendale, Arizona and the home of the Arizona Cardinals, which can give an home advantage for Seattle if they make it.

Indianapolis is led by third year starter Andrew Luck who looks to win his first Super Bowl. The Colts lead the NFL in passing yards per game with about 305.9 yards through the air.

The Patriots are led by Tom Brady who looks to win his forth Super Bowl, but this will be his sixth Super Bowl appearance. Earlier this season, the  Patriots beat the Colts 42-20in Indianapolis.

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers look to bring back the Super Bowl to Wisconsin, but first they will have to ton on the road and face not just the Seahawks defense, but the 12th man. Rodgers this postseason has been limited with a calf injury, but was able to beat the Cowboys last week.

Finally, the defending Super Bowl champions look to repeat under head coach Pete Carroll. Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch lead the team with rushing and have run allover defenses all year long. The Seahawks defense completely shut down the Panthers last week and they also shut down the Packers in their week one victory at home.

My prediction will be Seattle and New England both go to Arizona for this year’s Super Bowl.