NCAA Tournament

This years field of 68 has been selected and the play will start on Tuesday evening with the first four in Dayton, Ohio on Tuesday evening with Hampton playing Manhattan with the winner facing the tournament favorite Kentucky. Following that game is the biggest of the first games in Dayton with Ole Miss playing Brigham Young. Wednesday night Robert Morris plays North Florida in Dayton and this is the first appearance ever by North Florida. The Dayton Flyers have a home game in their own arena against the Boise State Broncos with the winner facing Providence.

There are only a few teams that are sitting out that really should be in the tournament and those are Miami(FL) and Temple who both have better records than UCLA and Ole Miss. The number one overall seed is Kentucky that is 34-0 and just won the Southeastern conference with no problem. Kentucky however, won’t face any tough teams that could really have a chance to beat them until the Sweet Sixteen if they make it that far because it is March Madness and you never know what will happen this time of year.

The team that will have the toughest time going far is Virginia because they will have to face a tough Michigan State team and the Cavaliers remember last season ended with a loss to the Spartans in Madison Square Garden. A team in that same region is Providence as they lost to Villanova in the Big East Semifinals by two points.

Watch out for the 12 seed as in past years they have been the biggest upset when they knockoff the number five seed. A underdog cinderella story can happen and I can see one happening  because everyone pulls for the underdog. Buffalo is a great team this year coming from a mid major conference known as the Mid-American Conference(MAC) this team is coached by former Duke point guard Bobby Hurley.

There are 350 teams in college basketball and right now there are about 5 teams that aren’t too happy with finding out that they missed the big dance. Teams like Miami(FL) deserved it by upsetting the number one seed Duke Blue Devils on the road along with a win over the number eight seed North Carolina State, but bad losses keep the Hurricanes out of the big dance and keep them in the NIT(National Invitation Tournament).

Who will win this year’s tournament? We may not be surprised, but get ready to watch basketball as this one will be one you don’t want to miss.


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