Super Bowl set to be a classic

This year’s Super Bowl is ready to go with two teams the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots. This makes it a battle between the best passing offense against the best rushing offense.

Tom Brady led his team to a big home win in Gillette Stadium over the Indianapolis Colts. This makes it his 6th Super Bowl and he has now won 20 postseason games which is more than some NFL Franchises. The Patriots in all phases of the game shut down the Colts giving up only 209 yards total.

Russell Wilson last week wasn’t very impressive and showed that a defense can stop his passing game. The Seahawks had a lucky 4th quarter at home and had too many forced errors.  The Seahawks were really lucky to come away from a home overtime victory as they only gave up six second half points and really shut the injured Aaron Rodgers in the second half.

This game everyone hopes won’t be just a repeat of the Super Bowl from last season. Seattle ran away with last years Super Bowl victory, but looks to win Seattle’s second in a row and in the history of their franchise. New England however, looks to win their first Super Bowl since 2005. The last time there was a repeat champions was 2004-2005 by the Patriots.

My Prediction: Seattle wins a close one. 31-28.


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