Teams that will bust your NCAA bracket

March Madness is here if you didn’t already know and after watching one day of the first four games there is one team that is now really showing that they are playing some great basketball right now. This is the time of year where you as a team either make it or break it. Win and stay in for another game.

The University of Mississippi proved to me by beating Brigham Young University in Dayton, Ohio that they belong in the tournament. The Rebels showed up in the second half by scoring 60 points and coming back from a 17 point deficit. BYU struggled late and had too many turnovers late which kept them from winning and facing the six seed Xavier. Mississippi could move onto the round of 32 and could make a run even as an 11 seed.

This is the first time in school history that Buffalo has been in the NCAA Tournament and led by head coach Bobby Hurley and a very talented team. This team was leading Kentucky at halftime on the road in which Kentucky ended up pulling out a win. Buffalo is a team not to underestimate because West Virginia has some injuries and struggled in big games all season on the road.

All four one seeds will not make the final four there are just too many tough teams in some divisions and that will wear down some of these teams later on in the tournament. Kentucky is the biggest team in the tournament as well as the favorite, but this team is one that will be the hardest team to beat. Wisconsin is a tough team to beat as well with Frank ‘the tank’ Kaminsky.


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